The person.

Tyas Palar.

(Not the name in official papers, but there you go.)

April 17.  Blood type B.

Earns a living mostly by translating now.

Listening to music, attending music concerts, reading, writing, traveling.

Writer of The Search for Merlin trilogy.  So far the first two installments, The Death to Come and The Grey Labyrinth have been published by Etera Imania.  The final installment, The Age of Misrule, is being written.

A freelance translator for publishers such as Erlangga and Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia – noted works including Campbell’s Biology, Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel, Collapse, The World Until Yesterday, and others.  Contributor to Animonster and Asian Look.  Also writing for Relawan Konser.

Past involvements including being a laboratory technician for a genetic engineering lab and teaching in cram schools, and a trainee in Japan.

Would like to share my love to LUNA SEA, Interpol (esp. Daniel Kessler), The Libertines, HARD-Fi, Klaxons, Suede, Park Jungmin, TEEN TOP, B1A4, 2PM, DIV, Black Gene for the Next Scene, LIPHLICH, chanty, GIGAMOUS, (and lots of other bands/musicians).


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